About Us

Hi there! We would like to welcome you to our humble little site whose only purpose is to give you an unbiased overview of knife sharpening tools you have available on the market right now! Now, while we do realize that knife sharpeners are not the most essential thing in your life, we would like to point out that they do matter, and here is why. Your knives have a limited lifespan. That is a fact. Every use dulls the blade a bit more until you end up with a knife that is completely useless. This requires you to go out and buy a new knife. Or does it?

It shouldn’t, especially if you devote little time to your knife every time before using it. Knife sharpeners are essential kitchen tools that will make your work around the kitchen tremendously easier, and help you keep a razor sharp edge on your blades. Investing into a sharpener means that you will not have to change your knives every time they go a bit dull. Simply run your blade through the sharpener and you will get that excellent edge once again.

Who we are

We are a random bunch of outdoor and hunting enthusiasts so knives and sharpeners are our everyday tools! We are also partnered with several restaurant chefs as we believe that they are best suited to know about knives and knife sharpeners! We have several years of experience around knives, and have wasted quite a few our day, simply because we had no idea how to properly take care of them and sharpen the. But no more! After many years of trial and error we finally came to understand that properly caring for the knives is what keeps them sharp and what keeps us richer, as we don’t have to replace them every so often.

What we do

We are here for you essentially. The sole purpose of this site is to help you find the information that you need when you are on the hunt for that perfect knife sharpener! There are definitely many options currently on the market and we aim to provide you with correct information that will allow you to reach the best purchasing decision! We have tested dozens of different types of sharpeners, from stones, to pocket and handheld types, all to way to electric and professional sharpeners and we are finally ready to present our findings! We would like to point out that all our reviews are unbiased and that we do not get any compensation from the companies whose products we feature! This means that we not get anything in return for falsely representing products and would never do such a thing! Our main goal is to provide you with enough information so you can come to an educated decision by yourself!

Here at knarpener.com we welcome your feedback, your questions and your suggestions! Feel free to contact us at hello [at] knarpener [dot] com with all your comments or just drop by and say hi!