Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Many people experience frustrations caused by dull knives in the kitchen. It causes you to put a lot more effort and spend a lot more time than necessary in the kitchen. Whether you are the person that loves to cook or just think of it as something that has to be done, the problem is the same. If you are the kind of person that wants to find the solution for that problem, this article might just be the help you need. You have probably heard of kitchen knife sharpeners but maybe you have never realized just how helpful they can be. They can save a lot of your precious time, energy and most importantly of all-nerves. By using a kitchen knife sharpener, the time you spend in the kitchen will become more enjoyable and you will get more free time to spend outside the kitchen. Kitchen knife sharpeners have a lot of advantages but they also come in various models. Listed below are some advices on choosing the best kitchen knife sharpener to match your needs.

Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener: What to Look For​

If you decided to buy a kitchen knife sharpener, you should see below to get some information on different types of kitchen knife sharpener. We will mention the advantages and disadvantages of every type to help you choose the best kitchen knife sharpener for you.​

  • Electric models: Electric models are usually used for bigger knives and they get the job done very quickly. The main disadvantage is the price. These models are usually more expensive in comparison to other models. They could get damaged tempering but it usually happens more often with less expensive models. They usually have a fixed angle and we could say that their speed is their best feature.
  • Manual models: Manual models can be used for knives of all sizes but their main disadvantage is that they’re slower than any other model. They are somewhat accurate and cause no damage to knives. Their main advantage is, however, their price. They are usually the cheapest of all models. They, like electric models, also have a fixed angle.
  • Stone systems: Stone systems are also used for knives of all sizes. They are fast (slower than electric model but faster than manual model or stones) and very accurate. Accuracy is their main advantage as they are the most accurate model of all listed. On the other hand, they are expensive and we may say that that is their main disadvantage. Speaking of angle flexibility, they have multiple angles.
  • Stones: Stones can also be used for knives of all sizes but they are slower than stone systems and electric models. They are accurate but they require skills so you should first learn how to use them. They cause no damage to the knives and have multiple angles. We can’t say a lot about their price as they have a wide range of prices.

We hope we made it easier for you to choose the best kitchen knife sharpener for you. We advise you to handle them carefully, even though they are designed to be safe for use. We also recommend you to keep your knife sharpener out of children’s reach. After all, safety does come first. All of the models listed above have their advantages and disadvantages so you should pick the one that best suits your needs. Whether your criteria is price, speed or something else, we believe you will make the right decision as they are all very helpful in the kitchen and you will enjoy having any one of them.