Professional Knife Sharpener

The majority, if not all professional chefs consider dull knives to be one of the biggest problems in the kitchen. If you are one of them, you probably think the same. And since your knives have to be sharp at all time, you probably even have a knife sharpener. But there are some differences between kitchen and professional knife sharpeners. Cooking is your job and you spend half of your day cutting and slicing while the average person spends maybe an hour a day in the kitchen. This means your knife sharpener has to be professional, long lasting, easy to use and quick. Professional knife sharpeners are especially designed for chefs but can also be used in everyday life, of course. They get the job done fast, don’t cause damage to the knives, are easy to use even for beginners and are made out of high quality material.

There is a huge variety of the models but when it comes to professional knife sharpener, it usually refers to electric or handheld models. If you want, you can also use sharpening stones or stone systems but they are slower than before mentioned models and are not so easy to use. This makes them less wanted in professional kitchens because chefs are always in a hurry and don’t have time to waste on things like knife sharpening.

Top rated Professional Knife Sharpener: What to Look for

If you have decided to buy a professional knife sharpener, here is some advice on what to look for and what features to focus on in order to choose the best professional knife sharpener for you. We will also give you some information about different types of professional knife sharpeners to help you figure out which type would be the most useful one for you.​

  • Handheld model: This model is a great choice for professional chefs because it is really easy to use and gets the job done fast. It doesn’t need electricity to work so it can be used in every situation. It doesn’t consume a lot of space which is a great advantage in the crowded kitchen. If you are buying this model, look if you can find the one with adjustable angle option. This option is really important for professionals because this way you can use this knife sharpener for different types of knives. These models come with various sharpening options so you should choose the one that has even more than two different options. And one more piece of advice if you are planning on buying this model is to make sure it fits in your hand and is easy to use.
  • Electric model: Electric model is also a great choice and has some advantages and disadvantages in comparison with handheld model. It is an even faster model but is a bit more expensive. One of its downsides is that it can’t operate without electricity but this rarely comes to be a problem. If you have decided to buy this model you should look for the one with multiple sharpening stages because this option makes the sharpening even more precise. We advise you to check which angle options the machine you’re interested in has. You should find the one that has angle options that suit your knives.
  • Replaceable parts: Whether you have decided to buy a handheld or an electric knife sharpener you should look for the one with easily replaceable parts. This can be a very helpful feature because if one of the parts breaks or becomes less efficient you can replace it without having to buy a whole new machine.

We hope this article has helped you get some basic information about professional kitchen knife sharpeners and their role in a professional kitchen. It is a very useful machine and either one of the before mentioned models will be of great use to you. Make sure you think through before you buy the first machine you see. You should find the best professional knife sharpener for you because we are sure you will use it for a long period of time. We recommend you to be careful while using this product because safety comes first.