Chef Essentialz ChefSharp Knife Sharpener Review

This is a handheld knife sharpener model from the Chef Essentialz, a company with a long reputation of making excellent kitchen knives and other kitchen accessories! It is especially designed for use in the kitchen and on kitchen knives. The best thing about it is the fact that professional design and materials that we usually see in restaurant kitchens are used here and at affordable prices, so that the product is accessible to those who want razor sharp knives in their home kitchens!

Another thing that sets this sharpener apart is how fast it is in getting your blades sharp! Two to three gentle pulls through the v-shaped inserts will be enough to get even the dullest blades sharp and ready for use! This sharpener is lightweight and made from durable materials so you can rest assured that you will get a decent number of uses from it before you will need to replace it! But even in that case, the inserts can theoretically be replaced, so you can even keep your old ChefSharp and have it completely refurbished!

Features of Chef Essentialz ChefSharp Knife Sharpener

Chef Essentialz ChefSharp Knife Sharpener

Superior design makes this product really pop up! Special care is given to design of the ergonomic handle that allows you to keep the sharpener steady while you are sharpening your knives! The base of the product has a non-slip base so that slippage is not an issue! This ensures greater safety while using the product!

The two inserts feature two different sharpening mediums. First is coarse carbide that is used to start the blade of, removing dullness, and the second one is ceramic medium that is used to finish the process and give the blade a nice, sharp edge!

The Advantages of Chef Essentialz ChefSharp Knife Sharpener

  • Money back guarantee – This manufacturer guarantees that you can have your money back if for any reason you decide that this is not a product for you! The product does not have to be damaged in any way, mind you; you can return it even if you simply changed your mind! Talk about the level of confidence this company has towards its products!
  • Razor sharp results – Sharp edge is what you get with every use of this product! Use it occasionally on your kitchen knives, not too often to avoid damaging the blade, but consistently to have your knives in prime condition at all times! Keep in mind that it is not intended for use on serrated knives!
  • Affordable – This is a great, professional tool is incredibly affordable, which is why it became the number one choice of many amateur chefs! It will not leave a dent in your wallet but will give you excellent sharpening results!

The Bottom Line

All in all, this is one of the best knife sharpeners in its price range! Chef Essentialz ChefSharp Knife Sharpener will help you get all your knives, and scissors, in perfect condition and ready for that meticulous chopping and slicing action! It was not designed for use on serrated blades, so take note of that! Definitely a product that comes with our high recommendation!

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