LINKYO 2-Stage Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener Review

Electric knife sharpeners make your life easier and significantly speed up the process of sharpening. This LINKYO knife sharpener is especially designed for professional use in the kitchen, and geared mostly toward restaurant workers whose working equipment must always be honed to perfection. Of course, there is nothing stopping you for getting one for your home, as it will make your life that much easier, and have your knives cutting precise and to the point!

This sharpener was designed for straight and curved blades, but not those that are serrated. When used on serrated blades you will not get the best results due to the serrations in the blade, which cannot be properly exposed and come in contact with the stone. You can take a look at some of our other reviews; we guarantee that you will find a sharpener for every type of blade!

Features of LINKYO 2-Stage Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

LINKYO 2-Stage Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Now this knife sharpener is a bit specific due to its features. It sharpens the blade in two stages. The first stage reshapes the angle, removing the dull part of the blade, and completely sharpening the new edge you now have. The second stage hones the blade, applying the finishing touches of the sharpening process and giving you a razor sharp blade! Another neat feature is that the sharpener itself will reposition the blade while you are sharpening it, guiding it perfectly for maximum exposure and best results.

The device has a 3, 5 feet long electrical cord, quite sufficient to allow you to work on your kitchen counter top. A non-slip suction cup is placed at the bottom end of the sharpener for safety reasons. This means the sharpener will not move or slip while you are using it.

The Advantages of LINKYO 2-Stage Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

  • Easy to clean – Maintaining it is quite easy, simply wipe it down with a wet cloth after use, and occasionally empty the receptacle that catches shards. Do not place this sharpener in the dishwasher, as the water will have an adverse effect on it.
  • Automatic blade positioning – This sharpener has an built-in automatic positioning feature that helps guide the blade and allows for maximum exposure, sharpening your knives perfectly from both angles.
  • Warranty – A great thing about this LINKYO sharpener is the fact that it comes with a 2-year quality guarantee and a warranty from the manufacturer, so you can pretty much be sure that it will not quit on you after 2 uses. And if it does, then you can have it replaced at no cost!
  • Stop feature – When sharpening your knife with this machine you do not need to apply all that much pressure to the blade, you can only damage it that way. To prevent that this sharpener has a stop feature that stalls the sharpening mechanism if you apply too much pressure on the blade.

The Bottom Line

This is a knife sharpener that saves you both the time and the money! LINKYO 2-Stage Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener was designed for semi-professional use in the restaurants and market areas where a sharp knife is a must. It is also very affordable, making it a quality purchase, especially when you think about how much a two-year warranty adds to the value of this product!

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