Premium 17-Inch Diamond Knife Sharpener Steel Oval Shaft Review

This is a hand held Diamond sharpening steel, best suited for use in a professional kitchen. There are no frills or bells on this one, what you see is what you get. This is designed for use in hand, so it is very important to be careful when using it to avoid slippage and accidents

It is advised that you place the tip on a hard surface, applying gentle pressure to it. Then it is a simple matter of giving the blade you would sharpen a couple of pulls along the sharpening surface. Drag it from bottom to tip of the blade 5-6 times and then repeat the process on the other side. Make sure to keep the blade at a 20 degree angle while sharpening it.

Features of Premium 17-Inch Diamond Knife Sharpener Steel Oval Shaft

Premium 17-Inch Diamond Knife Sharpener Steel Oval Shaft

This sharpener is made from high-quality durable steel from top to bottom, with the overall length of 17 inches, and the shaft measures 12 inches. The handle is ergonomically designed for a more convenient use, and is made from thermoplastic with an included finger guard. The shaft is coated with abrasive diamond particles that sharpen and hone your knives and other blades.

This excellent sharpener is a great addition to any kitchen, and professional value its simplicity. Some level of expertise is needed when using it. For example, you need to know how to position the blade and the correct sharpening angles for different types of blades. You can also use it to sharpen ceramic blades; make sure you don’t use excessive pressure as that might damage those sensitive knives.

The Advantages of Premium 17-Inch Diamond Knife Sharpener Steel Oval Shaft

  • Affordable – Knife sharpeners vary in price and this one is one of the more affordable ones on the market. It delivers great results on every use but it is not something that will seriously dent your budget.
  • Does the job – This uncomplicated diamond coated sharpener might not be much to look at but it is great at what it’s supposed to do! A few swift pulls of the blade across it will ensure that your knife is sharp and ready to use!
  • Can sharpen serrated blades – Depending in the size of the knife, you can use this sharpener to bring those serrations to heel, taking of the dullness and giving them a razor sharp edge!
  • Diamond particle coating – Diamond coating is one of the best sharpening mediums on the market, a lot stronger than steel and can sharpen even the toughest of blades. This diamond coating does not shear off with use, so it is guaranteed to last a good, long while.

The Bottom Line

This affordable, simple-to-use knife sharpener is geared toward professionals that need a quick and reliable tool to sharpen their blades. You will mostly find it in professional kitchens, but is also great for home use. Premium 17-Inch Diamond Knife Sharpener Steel Oval Shaft is a great buy so make sure not to miss this opportunity!

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