Priority Chef Knife Sharpener Review

This professionally designed knife sharpener makes it easy for you to sharpen even the dullest edges! While it is professional grade sharpener, it is only designed to work on steel blades, so fight back the urge to sharpen your ceramic knives with it. Use the tungsten carbide slot to give your blade a rough edge by pulling it from bottom to top 3-4 times. This is advisable for very dull blades, to remove imperfections and ready the blade for the rest of the process. Then use the ceramic slot to hone the edge to perfection.

You can also use the ceramic slot to sharpen your serrated blades. Do it carefully though, as it is very easy to damage the serrations on a blade by doing this, and avoid applying any pressure to the blade when you are doing it.

Features of Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

This small and compact sharpener is made from steel and has a no slip base that allows you to safely use it. Just make sure you place it on a flat surface and apply slight pressure to avoid slippage. There are two different sharpening mediums on it, a slot for tungsten carbide and the other for the ceramic medium. What differentiates this sharpener from all other is the unique ceramic medium that does not simply cut into metal sharpening it in the V shape that is so regular for other sharpeners. This sharpener creates a concave finish that leaves your blade razor sharp!

The handle is ergonomically designed for perfect fit and cushiness your hand as you handle the sharpener. It also allows you to press evenly on it, to keep it steady and stabilized.

The Advantages Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

  • Concave finish – The concave finish that you get from the ceramic slot really puts an extra edge on your blades, giving them that nice, polished finish and making them razor sharp!
  • Ergonomically designed handle – The handle design allows you to confidently grip the sharpener, and to apply downward pressure to stabilize it. The handle is ergonomically designed so it fits perfectly into your hand and feels comfortable.
  • Easy to clean – No fuss with this sharpener! Simply wipe it down after use, and sometimes apply a little oil on it. Do not get the stones wet and don’t wash it in a dishwasher!
  • Can be used on serrated blades –Even though it is not designed to sharpen serrated blades, with a bit of care you can even do that! Do not use the carbide slot for it, however, just gently touch up serrations with the ceramic wheels.

The Bottom Line

This sharpener is great for home use and many professionals recommend it as an alternative to other, high-priced sharpeners. It is affordable and does the job, so make sure to order one to restore that excellent edge on your kitchen knives! Priority Chef Knife Sharpener is definitely a great choice if you are taking your knife sharpening seriously and are looking for only the best for your kitchen!

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